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​ALL SEASONS blinds made in U.S.A. by true outdoorsmen for true outdoorsmen
The All Seasons Blinds can be use as ground blind or elevated with the 4x4 sockets built into bottom of frame. You can use your own 4x4s or we offer a 5',10',and 15' tower. All 8 windows are hinged and lockable, made from tinted polycarbonate(NOT PLEX-A-GLASS). 

For more information, call us at:  417-652-7074
Or send inquiries to: 593

The All Seasons Blinds are just that. For use in all seasons for all seasons.
   Rough textured exterior , that can be painted to match your area's natural colors.
       Easily transported in truck,trailer or even mounted on skids for towing with ATV or snowmobile.
            Floor is 3/4" Advantech covered with removable commercial grade carpet.
                 Uses include: Deer,turkey,hog,and varmint hunting,ice fishing,bird watching and even a playhouse.
All steel tower kits are available in 10' and 15'.         Kits includes 14ga.steel tubing legs,porch and stairway

Covered with 2 to 3" of Biobased closed cell spray foam,then top-coated with Rhino Extreme for years of protection